How to get legal FAKE ID to buy alcohol.

Where to buy Pennsylvania Fake ID

Where to buy Pennsylvania Fake ID

Hi there. 
I’d like to have a small monologue on a topic that is generally very critical for the ones under age of 21 in the USA. Having great and relaxing time drinking alcohol with friends in the bar, chilling out with your girl or having a huge party… All of that will be a bore if no alcohol is involved.
Well I happen to live in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Do you know anything about the drinking laws here? Well, you might if you are also from this state. Any way I’ll share some info here. Pennsylvania alcohol laws prohibit anyone under age 21 to buy or attempt to buy alcohol.
Most states permit those under 21 to drink alcohol under certain conditions. For example, as part of religious services, with parents, with a spouse, and so on. But in Pennsylvania it is even illegal to drink communion wine. Many think this violates religious freedom.
People under age 21 may also be convicted of illegal drinking even if they are abstaining Designated Drivers. This often occurs at parties. It’s for the convenience of officers who don’t want to breath-test everyone at the party. So what is your chance to get drunk and party till you’re almost dead? Obviously none. Unless you have a fake ID. I’ve got some funny and tragic stories with a fake ID that might teach you a lesson.
When I was 18, I got an ID from the DMV with a friend’s birth certificate. Despite the fact that I was 18, I looked 14. I was using it at a local liquor store and the clerk didn’t believe I was 21. In walked a cop. He showed the ID to the cop, who said it was legit. The clerk apologized and rung me up. The name on the ID was David. As I left the store, my neighbor came in and said, “Hi Steve! How’s your mom?” The cop stopped in his tracks. I was caught. I got my ID taken. I got a ticket for having a “real” fake ID. Had MY license suspended for a year. And…of course my neighbor told my mom about the whole thing. So lesson one – if you are using a fake ID with a fake name, for god sake be careful and run if you notice people who can call you by your name. But the best advice is – make sure there is YOUR NAME on the fake ID.
One more story is here for you guys. I handed my fake ID, which was anyway not a good one, to the waitress at the restaurant we went to without hesitation. The waitress looked at the ID and said to me, “Oh, you’re from Jersey? So am I!” I freaked out and just looked at her and said, “Okay.” She didn’t give me a hard time because the embarrassment was enough. So man, it’s not a bad idea to use fake ID of a different state, I’d say the best one as it’s harder to recognize the fake ID of a neighbor state if you are not used to seeing them often. But don’t be so stupid, learn info about that state. Know how to speak about it as if it’s the best place to live.
Here is a story of my friend. He was in Wildwood, NJ last summer… it was august 15th or so… He was club hopping all over down there using his fake ID (he was 19 at the time)…. went to another club later that night around 1am to meet some more friends that were at that spot. Well, being easily influenced they tried to get in (some of them of age and some of them, like he, not of age) There was a bouncer at the door checking ID’s … looks at his and says no way so he turns away thinking, ohh well she didn’t take his ID… he turns around walk about 10 feet and gets surrounded by 10 Wildwood police officers… they wanted to see his ID so he said here : He gave them his real Pennsylvania ID and one cop asked the bouncer if that was the ID he had shown and he said no so he gave up and gave them his fake ID….. BUSTED!!!! Got locked up and sat in a COLD ass cell all night with about 20 of his friends waiting at the station (they were all drunk and f*cking with the cops) until the cops finally let him go but gave him a court date.
So that one is a perfect story to show that you can use a fake ID but if the ID doesn’t look as if you have just drawn it with a pencil. Be wise and search for the best place to buy it. My friend has purchased somewhere in China. Well, you see the result.
I have done some research myself. Studied around 10-12 sources and have chosen the best possible option. You may check their website And guess what! I’ve been successfully using it for more than 6 month and have no trouble or hesitation showing it to bouncers, bartenders and shop-assistances. It’s made of poly vinyl chloride and it’s scannable!!!
Hope my story helps. At least in 20 minutes I am going to get completely drunk in a bar. What about you?

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