How to get legal FAKE ID to buy alcohol.

Where to buy Texas Fake ID?

Where to buy Texas Fake ID?


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It is very popular among today’s youth to get a fake ID as young people have to wait until 21 years. This legal age is important as people only over 21 are allowed to legally buy and drink alcohol, as well as visit nightclubs, bars, strip clubs, pubs, cocktail parties and casinos. State law is very strict about this age. Young people under the age of 21 suffer greatly because they are prohibited from being independent and sufficiently free. Fake ID cards will help everyone to get any “hot” entertainment without any doubt. There are several ways to get fake documents. The easiest way to buy it online is because many online merchants offer a lot of fake cards in different price range.

Now I’m going to tell you about my experience of getting a fake ID in Texas. Texas fake IDs are high quality cards, as they are made of PVC that is Polyvinyl Chloride. These fakes have a multi layered protection with all the necessary security elements, including a hologram and a barcode. Due to these security features, fake cards get validity and can be scanned. Texas Fake ID is a good choice for all young people around the U.S. except those who are going to use this card in Texas. I know that it can sound quite ambiguous, but don’t worry, I am going to explain my point. So I mean that local bouncers and sellers have years experience with fake IDs and they highly likely know very well how to distinguish the real thing from fake cards. Therefore, I recommend you buy a fake ID of a neighbouring state or another one, in case you are going to use it in Texas. You will have much less of a shot falling on face standing in front of a bouncer and sale officer. Also, you need to provide yourself with basic info about your fake hometown and state. Look up some official information, as security staff may reveal you by asking some simple questions in order to verify your identity. As for online platforms where you can obtain fake cards, there are many different services on the Internet that produce and sell Texas Fake IDs. Most vendors are placed in China, but a few of them – in the USA and Europe. Chinese shops are mostly known for their low-quality cards and some of them are frauds.

Which shops sell Texas fake id.

I have prepared a brief report on the available online stores. I went through shopping websites and private forums, checking customer reviews and comments about their fake IDs. In addition, I even ordered several cards on different sites to study their fake IDs by quality and compare prices. View a list of them here:

  1.    — This site was the first and quite suspicious. I made the order but for some reason they didn’t respond. It turned out that they have no other payment methods except Western Union. So I refused full payment and checkout. Also, I’ve been going through some forums to find any reviews about their fake IDs – there wasn’t even one comment. This site looks pretty unreliable to me so far. Overall: scam
  2.  The second platform was a little better than the previous one. I got the delivery with my Texas fake ID in about 10 days. However, the quality of the fake card turned out to be very poor, as the font and background color were executed quite badly. Overall, they offer fake ID cards at a low price but with very low quality. In any case, their fake ID cards will not allow anyone to enter the night life or get alcohol. Overall: shit 🙁
  3. This website surprised me very much. I got a fake Texas ID in a few days. By the way, the delivery was discreet, as my fake card was neatly hidden in the frame. I used Bitcoin to pay, which is a very good way to protect my personal financial information. The quality of the card is high and decent, even I find it difficult to distinguish between real and forged document. I can say that this online store is reliable and worthy. Overall: 9/10 (some reviews on fidvendors)
  4.  The last one was good too. I successfully made the order. Delivery was very fast, I received a fake ID only 4 days later by Express mail. I really liked the excellent quality of the fake document that was equipped with all the necessary security elements, such as a scanned magnetic strip, barcode and hologram. So I can say that this provider is my favorite as it offers the best cards in an affordable price range. This web site is my recommendation for those who want to get a working fake ID with fast delivery and high quality and at a decent price, but be careful that the price is not low, since their products are really good. Overall: 8/10

To sum up, I want to warn you about some scams that offer low-quality fake cards or only collect money without sending you any cards. First of all, you need to choose one decent site where you are going to order a fake ID. You should go through private forums and read customer reviews and check also the official supplier websites if they have complete basic information on their site. In addition, you can use my summary as a recommendation. Choose reliable and get your fake ID as soon as possible to start a new life without limits and restrictions!


  1. Hey, I’m looking to order a Texas fake ID off, but all it says is add to cart it didn’t give me the option to fill out info for the card. Did this happen to you?

  2. I got a fake Texas ID in a 9 days from, I was using free delivery. I was very surprised that they sent 2 copies of ID !!! it’s great. Quality is ok, I do not see the difference with the original

  3. i tried idgod for tx cdl couldn’t find on site . are these put in system sobif i get pulled over it will work?

  4. I got myself a Connecticut ID, worked fine in Ocean City and most clubs in Baltimore; I did how ever get caught with it because my Id did not pass a bend test just an fwi to everyone. Other then that the ID scanned and passed as real.

  5. I received my ID yesterday , good job – My order number is 10563

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