How to get legal FAKE ID to buy alcohol.

Where to buy Massachusetts Fake ID

Where to buy Massachusetts Fake ID


Hey, guys. I wanna share you with my great experience of buying Fake state Massachusetts ID card. I have one funny story of my beginning. So, it was my first time doing it. I’ve heard lots of times about it from my friends and groupmates, but nobody has done it before, just rumors. But I really needed this card because it was such a big problem to get alcohol drinks, go to the casino, deal with prostitutes or to get into the clubs if you ain’t 21.
I live in New York. In our state illegal drinks are prohibited by the law if you are under age of 21. When I was 18, me and my friends wanted much fun. By the way, all my friends were already allowed age (so lucky as I thought, LOL), but not me. If we could buy the alcohol drinks, because my friends did it, but to get into the clubs – it was a real big problem for me, it made me so sad all the time!
I started to search in the Internet different web-sites which made Fake ID. I decided to buy a fake State Massachusetts id. It’s obvious that it’s better to have a fake id of other state. All bouncers and bartenders know how their state id looks like, so it’s easy for them to see the fake. It’s better to have another id of neighboring state. There were a lot of info, and I couldn’t choose the right one because I was so scared to be cheated. Nobody could give me pieces of advice, just maybe some information. About one month I was trying to find the suitable web-site where I could get Fake ID of high quality. To tell the truth, it wasn’t so easy. I haven’t supposed Fake ID card had many shades.
First of all, I read loads of reviews of this staff, actually, it wasn’t so helpful for me. But one point I understood and remembered forever, and I hope it can teach you some lessons. I wanna recommend you: be careful with your order and pay attention on the conditions of the website. Do not pay for Fake ID state Massachusetts card with Western Union if you are in America. NO WAY. NEVER. Before you buy a Fake ID, reading my ID review which could help you to do the right choice. I can give you some examples:
1) The first site which I found it was – I made a request and received the answer that my ID card would be ready in 3 days. But it was just a fake. After three days I checked my e-mail (no answer) and tried to check this site again, but it was not found.
2) The second one was fakeyourdrunk – in briefly, it was f*cking sh*t. Suspicious system I can tell you. The system of payment was unclear and I had to follow site by site with the full of advertisements. It was just waste of time.
3) The third one was – but after reading some negative statements about it I decided not to risk. I’ve read such reviews “never buy from a fake id site that makes you sign or agree to any disclaimer”.
4) Finally, I found the greatest website, here is the reference So, my request was answered quickly and payment was clear and not so difficult. Yeah, the price of this Fake ID state Massachusetts card is higher a bit than others, but anyway it’s worth buying. I can tell you the quality of this card is the highest level. The delivery is so comfortable, in 4 days I received my long-awaited card by Express Mail.
If you ask me where you can get the Fake state Massachusetts ID card, I will recommend you only this website. I was so pleased to order through idhurry, believe me and not to waste of your time trying to look for the proper offer. It’s made of poly vinyl chloride and it’s scannable. I gonna say to you more, when I used my card, nobody tripped me up. According to my experience my familiars followed my example and did the same (found this site, made a request, in four days the parcel was delivered).
So, guys don’t be scared and be sure that this website is really cool and trustful. I’m so lucky to found it in the net. Well, really, I’ve told you it’s worth ordering here, you won’t regret about anything. Totally, this Fake state Massachusetts ID card looks like real ID card. Follow the reference, order, pay and get enjoy of your going out to clubs, bars, casinos and pubs with your fellows. Good Luck).

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  1. I’ve noticed you are gathering list of fakes and legit ‘Fake ID’ providers.

    Here’s a new one ( I’ve bumped with while searching for a provider, seems legit, seems promising but I cannot fully tell unless I try them. Haven’t though.

    Looking forward to hearing from you?

    • scam
      do not order

  2. Chfake is scam ! I was completely scammed. They accepted my Western Union payment — I received an order confirmation and everything — but then never sent my IDs or responded to any of my emails. The site advertises that it takes 72 hours to make the ID — try two months and counting. I haven’t heard anything from the makers about my ID or a refund. Chfake is a massive scam. Don’t waste your money.

  3. Bitcoin???
    What is that?

  4. IDHurry gave me a stress free night in nyc 😀

    sorry for the nails hahaha
    idhurry massachusetts

  5. Hello, I am very interested in a Massachusetts Driver License. I am going to send yo a 5×8 card with the information to use and also a picture. When you email me back. Tell me how much. Thanks again Sincerely Mr. ZIEMBOWSKI

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