How to get legal FAKE ID to buy alcohol.

Where to buy Georgia Fake Id

Where to buy Georgia Fake Id


Correct me if I am wrong but I guess 90 percent of you who are reading this are underage and some of you have sad experience with fake IDs. Otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Most of you guys need it to purchase alcohol in the shops and out in bars and clubs. The fake ID struggle is SO real. Trying to find someone who is your height, has the same eye color, and wasn’t born before 1990 isn’t the easiest mission. On top of that, remembering the ID details three minutes before walking into a bar doesn’t always turn out too well.
I am already 21 and enjoy drinking alcohol at any time I wish but…. I am frustrated at times by the stupidity of you who are just stepping on the drinking path and make so many silly mistakes… Well as I have, until I got smarter and consumed alcohol wherever with my fake ID.
Fake IDs is a good topic to discuss. Take your fake ID out now (if you have one, if no…even better), put it next to you and while reading this look at it and try to analyze if the one you possess is good enough for bouncers to welcome you eagerly inside the clubs.
I am going to share some tips with you now so if you need – use them if not – I don’t give a fu.k.
I am from Georgia, USA. Yeh, some say a nice state to be underage. Georgia has some very liberal laws regarding how minors can drink, without being the age of 21, obviously. For example, minors can drink on non alcohol-selling premises, as long as they have parental consent. So, in a private home or private office and parents say alcohol is a-ok, you can imbibe. They can also drink for religious purposes, you can drink wine during a church ceremony or a seder. Medical purposes, if a doctor prescribes you alcohol, you may imbibe. (Example: Drinking before anesthesia or to help treat alcohol withdrawal, ironically enough.) Georgia has a long history of doing its own thing, and it’s not going to just roll over and let the feds tell it that 21 has to be the minimum drinking age for all circumstances. There are certain exceptions and occasions where people under the 21 are allowed to drink.
Sadly for you guys there were times when drinking age was 18, 19, 20… But now it’s 21.
A lot of people are pretty mad that the age of majority isn’t the same as the age when people can drink alcoholic beverages. That’s the age when people can vote and go to war, but it’s not the age when people can drink, and something seems a little wrong about that. In other countries, the age when people can start drinking is about 18, but in America, it is up to 21, which doesn’t seem fair to many people.
However, there are people working in the country right now to change the drinking age to 18, to lower it to the age of majority, and make it fair and right for everybody.
But so far they haven’t succeeded so take a pen and write tip number 1: no matter what state you live in and how strict or not its drinking laws are you should purchase fake ID of a different state to minimize the possibility of recognizing the fraud.
When I was 20 and my older brother was 21, I took his expired license, birth certificate, and social security card to the DMV. I wanted to get a genuine ID with all of his information, but my photo on it. The whole process was going really smoothly until the last step: taking a new picture. At that point, an employee pulled up my brother’s old ID photos, and started looking at the screen, then back at me, with these narrowed, skeptical eyes. She started calling over her supervisors to get a second opinion, and my heart was pounding so heavily I swore they could hear it. Before the DMV director could figure out my fake identity, I darted out the door. Here follows tip number 2: so much mess and fear to have a genuine ID, chances are almost zero. Best option is fake one.
Freshmen year when leaving a bar, a cop stopped me and my friend and we convinced him, yes, we were underage, but they let us in without fake IDs because they know us. He then asked for our IDs to write us a ticket and I was so drunk I confused my fake for my real and literally started to hand him my fake, realized what it was, and attempted to slip it back into my pocket. Needless to say I ended up getting my fake taken and a fat ticket. Tip number 3: don’t be an idiot!!!! Even if drunk. Train yourself hard.
Oh, one story. Don’t worry – the last. My dad bought me my first fake ID. I got it from a friend of a friend, who made it himself. And you could tell — it was horrible quality. One night, I was on a date with this girl I was totally infatuated with, and when I tried to order a drink they told me, “We’re gonna have to keep your fake ID.”
I was so upset and embarrassed, so I forced the guy to make me a new ID for free. But the second one was just as bad. So, tip number 4 and last: NO HOMEMADE IDs. It’s the failure from the moment you think about. You can easily go check some proper websites as I’ve done some years ago. Best that I could find was already21. I got a nice scannable ID and got rid of endless stories with my fake IDs.
Let me know if you find better.

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  2. I want fake with my picture but some one else information

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