How to get legal FAKE ID to buy alcohol.

Where to buy Washington Fake ID

Where to buy Washington Fake ID

I am 22 and I am a bouncer. Yeh, that’s right. I am catching such assholes like you every night of every working day. Why am I writing this? Because not long ago I was myself underage and I feel so sorry for you who struggle to get to bar to get drunk but fail so stupidly.
How does the law work in Washington? Here as in all 50 states, the age to legally purchase or drink alcohol is 21 years. Likewise, minors are not even allowed to possess alcohol. If minors are caught drinking, in possession or buying alcohol, they can face penalties ranging from a large fine to jail time. The state tends to be very strict about minors with a substance, but also is strict to adults who help minors buy or who sell substances to minors. Often, the punishments for adults who sell to minors are even worse than minors caught with substances. If you purchase alcohol in retail stores or at restaurants, you will be carded. Many adults will even be carded and a great deal of cash registers at grocery stores and liquor stores will even stop the cashier for your birth date (which is usually taken by scanning your ID) before the sale can be completed. There are strict fines in place for cashiers or servers who sell alcohol to minors, and there may be penalties for the minor even if they attempt to buy alcohol (successful or not). Minors, who are caught with alcohol in their possession or who have been drinking are subject to strict penalties as well. A Minor in Possession charge related to alcohol happens when a minor, ages 13-17 is caught with alcohol. The only legal circumstances where a person under 21 can drink in Washington is in a private residence in the presence of their parent or guardian or for a religious ceremony such as Roman Catholic communion.
Now some practice and tips from my experience. How do I spot the fraud? Absolutely – no eye contact. I’ve also seen kids try one EDIT (a fake ID) while also wearing their dorm key on a lanyard around their neck, dead giveaway. You also would be checking an ID and have the person’s friend call them by a different name than what the ID says.Tip – if you want to use a fake ID, make sure it’s a good one (ie: a real one, someone that looks like you), and know the info. If I ask you what your street address is, zip code, school district, or graduation year – and you know it all (without it sounding rehearsed), and it even moderately looks like you, I’m letting you in. It takes a lot of balls to look someone in the eye and tell them that they’re lying to you and aren’t who they say they are. It doesn’t matter if I know the answer to the questions I ask like that (unless they’re on the ID), but if you hesitate or show any signs that you don’t know, I know its fake. Approach the doorman confidently, make eye contact, and ask how his night is going, while holding your money and waiting for him to take it. It puts him on the spot, and he’s in a rush anyway.
I had a fake like this for a while myself. Knew the whole ID, front and back. Could tell you anything and everything about the guy. Got me into a lot of bars and bought me a lot of booze. Then the lady at the door of a little shithole bar did the unthinkable. She pulled out a pen and a piece of paper that had about 100 sloppily written signatures on it. I never expected or anticipated this. I failed, she took the ID. I asked her for it back and told her I’d leave. She smiled, looked me in the eyes and said “you can leave, or I can call the cops and they can verify that this is yours.” She took it with a big smile, turned around and pinned it on her wall of other fake ID’s. Bitch was good.
Yea not a lot of people do that. That’s a technique usually reserved for liquor stores & gas stations. They teach that in the ABC classes. But most doormen are outside in the cold and don’t keep a pen and paper handy. Call it a fluke. She was more of a bitch than smart. She fails to realize that I would have spent money in that bar (money that pays her wages), and now I’ll never go back. If a bar is to hard on fake IDs, word gets around (word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of advertisement) and they get a bad rep and underage kids will stop going. Believe it or not, underage kids can account for up to 20% of a bars revenue. They find a spot, stay loyal, and spend big.
But still, man, have a decent fake ID. I will give you some figures, not to frighten you but for your own sake, to think better and make a right decision. It’s illegal to either possess another person’s ID or to loan one to another person. Each offense is punishable with up to 90 days in jail and a $250-$1,000 fine. And there’s the possibility of at least 25 hours of community service.
Hundreds of “companies” may offer you fake IDs. Not all of them are good. Almost none. Me and my friends have tried many before we found what we needed. Check here ID-Hurry. Proper, scannable and the most important – “working” ID for a nice price. What more do you need?
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