How to get legal FAKE ID to buy alcohol.

Where to buy Illinois Fake Id

Where to buy Illinois Fake Id


Hi, everybody. I want to tell all the positive experience in purchase of a Fake id.
An acute need for a fake id arose me when my elder brother was twenty-one years old. That day of his birthday he began celebrating his adulthood.
We have grown up together with my brother and we are always friendly in everything. However, that time as though he changed a lot, he had other friends, he started visiting night clubs, had took his own id, parents have bought him a new car, he began dating with a girl.
At that time I was only 17, but I looked much older than I was. One day, after the party at our place when all our friends drank alcohol already enough, my brother with his girlfriend and friends went to a party, leaving me alone at home since I was only 17 years old.
In the morning when my brother returned from a party, he told me that I was a loser because all the greenhorn like me had already hanged out on a party, having made a fake ID of other states.
After his speech, I became very angry; I began looking for a fake id to buy.
After surfing the Internet and looking at so many offers, I decided to save your time and share my experience with you, kids. Who knows, it helps me and it may help you some day. Therefore, I was very furious about being a greenhorn and decided to buy a fake id and go to the next party with my brother.
Well, let’s begin. It’s known fact that the best way is to buy a Fake id not of the state where you live, but the neighboring one. As any mature cashiers or a bartender, distinguish a FAKE id of the state when you come to buy some alcohol, and the worst of all if behind you there would be a police officer and then you would have a pale appearance already in the police. I wanted to buy a fake state Illinois id.
One of the most popular high-quality FAKE ID cards of the state Illinois is considered to be made from PVC plastic (Poly vinyl chloride) and have several degrees of protection. Such as a hologram and a bar code. The bar code comprises information of the owner of an id card. Ordering an id pay attention that it is a scannable id.
Two of my friends and me argued whose supplier would be better. At the end, all of us ordered a FAKE id of the state Illinois.
1) The first friend decided to save money and ordered from the website (at that time he was 20 years old) – the FAKE id card came in a month. If you look at it more precisely, the quality is so awful. One more thing that he didn’t like was that a courier gave the parcel to his mother. Not to him personally in hands. He specified that fact on the website that the parcel must be given personally in hands. Parents have distinguished it, he had to create a love story with a girl who was already twenty-one, and he didn’t want to be younger. That’s why he ordered this fake id to show it to her. It wasn’t easy. Delivery was nearly a month, and quality was poor, it wasn’t readable. Now he can only swing this card before girls and prove thereby that he is already twenty-one. That’s all he can do.

2) The second friend decided to order from the website – FAKE state Illinois ID and when he received it, he was shocked. The quality of the card was awful, it seemed like the card was made by a little child who was given some paper and pencils, letter were not readable, but delivery was fast and the site service was good too. He tried to return money back, but the seller told that they didn’t return money because of the risks. Poor my friend! He couldn’t use this card anywhere any more, money and time have been spent for nothing.

3) I have ordered from the website – FAKE state Illinois ID. I received the card in several days and it was carefully enclosed in a cover for the i- phone. The quality was the same as the original. In comparison with others, it is 20% more expensive. Payment in shop was carried out by means of the bitcoin that took me about 2 minutes.

I paid attention to the fact that a courier delivered the parcel personally in hands. Both friends of mine have been disappointed, later one of them has ordered the card on the same website as I have done. Now I go to pubs and nightclubs with my brother. We became closer and friendlier than we were before. I am so happy that I have this fake id. It makes my life much happier!

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  1. Need one fast

  2. This IL ID is literally great. I live in IL and will be using it in-state with a high degree of confidence for sure. The only way anybody could tell it apart is either if they know about the exact shades and details on the real ids (very few people)

    illinois fake id
    Thanks !!!

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