How to get legal FAKE ID to buy alcohol.

What is the penalty for possessing a fake ID in California? Punishment, fine.

What is the penalty for possessing a fake ID in California? Punishment, fine.

California law, like most other states, prohibits buying and drinking alcohol before the age of 21. In addition, the use of a false identity card is illegal. Possession of a fake ID is considered a serious offense and can lead to bad results for young people who use or simply have it. It doesn’t make much difference if you use a fake ID or a borrowed ID. Both cases are deemed crimes. Even if the minor shows a false ID to the bartender to buy alcohol or to the seller to obtain beer. Anyway, the committed crime will be solved later and condemned.

Penalties Under California Law

Under California law, possession of a forged identity card with the intent to use it to deceive another person is an offense. In this case, Fake ID crimes can divide into misdemeanors or felonies. A wide range of penalties can range from a lenient sentence such as probation to a severe sentence such as 3-year imprisonment. Misdemeanor possession of a fake ID causes monetary penalty up to $1,000. A felony committed using a false identity card is fined up to $10,000. If you get one of the financial penalties, you are in luck, as incarceration is the worst and most hurtful verdict.

Fake ID Crimes are considered as Serious Offenses

Having or using forged documents can lead to an increase in the number of criminal cases throughout the country. People who buy or make fake identification documents can rent an apartment and then damage the property not thinking of consequences. Also, the use of fakes can harm people in public places. For example, criminals can enter the territory of the state using a fake. That’s why all road safety checks are based on identity cards, so officers can influence and check people before they start driving.

The consequences that await the offenders

If you think that the penalties associated with a fake ID are not too burdensome. Many people believe that they should only pay a fine and forget about it. However, this way of thinking is absolutely wrong. Fake ID convictions will remain on your record. This can prevent you from finding a good job or successfully entering a good university in the future.

Find your own a Fake ID Lawyer in California

A qualified lawyer is a big step towards acquittal. It will help you if you are already convicted of identity fraud or a criminal offense. Talk to your attorney before the police start questioning you. Unnecessary consequences of a crime can ruin everyone’s life. Hire a professional lawyer for your personal defense that will help you avoid heavy penalties for using a bogus identification document.

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